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Shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in oil drilling mud solids control system and the important equipment in the mud recycling system as well. Generally, there are single shale shaker, duplex shale shaker and triple shale shaker. KES can provide the shale shaker in different treatment capacity with customized service as per clients requirement.


The negative pressure shale shaker can improve the recycling of drilling mud by a unit of vacuum absorption device installed under the last screen of shaker, which can generate a certain frequency vacuum suction by pulsating air flow. This type shaker lowers the difficulty of mixed solid-liquid separation, effectively decreases the moisture content of solid phase of treated drilling cuttings by 20%~30%, increases the overall drilling efficiency, greatly reduces the drilling waste volume, thereby lowers the cost of waste treatment.


Vacuum degasser, also called Negative Pressure Degasser, is a special solids control equipment to handle the gas cut drilling fluid, removes the small bubbles entrained gas left in the mud and plays an important role to return mud proportion and stabilize mud performance. Generally, vacuum degasser is also matched with mud/slurry recycling purification systems.


Mud Cleaner is the second phase or the third phase solids control equipment, and it is a combination of desander, desilter and underneath shale shaker with the features of compact structure, small footprint and high efficiency. It is an ideal equipment as the second or the third phase solids control equipment. The shaker has linear and elliptical motion model at your option.