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Recently,more and more enterprises choose to cooperate with us ,KES  have a strong strength and a strong technical team,our after-sales service is more perfect than any one enterprise,kes is a leading manufacturer involving in the design,processing,production,sales,aftersales services of mud solids control equipments and systems

KES mail products are shale shaker,drying shaker,mud cleaner,desander,desilter,decanter centrifug,vertical cutting dryer,vacuum degasser,mud gas separator,flare ignition device,jet mud mixer,centrifugal pump,shear pump,screw pump,mud agitator,mud gun,mud tank,oil tank,water tank,camping and complete set of solids control system,All of these devices can be summarized as  solids control equipment,drilling waste management,slurry sepatation system,HDD mud recycling system,Our equipment have good performance,stable work and long life,our equipment is mainly used in oil drilling,natural gas development industry,Our equipment is mainly used to control,separate and process liquid and solid materials,Drilling material recovery and waste gas liguid treatment,we can also do the best,Our equipment also has the advantages of small floor space,high efficiency and long service life,which can well meet customer requirements.Our equipment,in the material aspect,the processing craft aspect,the processing precision aspect,as well as the electrical equipment which the auxiliary use aspect,has the quality enhancement,we are confident that our equipment will meet your needs.

The petroleum solids control system is mainly the solid control and separation of the petroleum drilling fluid,which can make the drilling fluid recycling,also known as mud purification system,Suitable for general deep drilling process,the petroleum solid control system is composed of N modular composite tanks,The bottom of the purification tank adopts a new cone bottom structure,and the edge of the tank adopts a mud mixing system,which is not easy to sand,The whole circulation system can be separated and connected between tanks and silos to meet the needs of drilling operations,The bottom valve of the suction manifold opens flexibly and seals reliably after the needs of drilling operations.The bottom valve of the suction manifold opens flexibly and seals reliably after closing.The whole circulation system is equipped with grade N purification  equipment,vibration screen in supporting equipment , sand and mud removal cleaner,vacuum degasser and agitator,etc,The use of the new oil driling mud purification system,reduce mud emissions,has an obvious environmental protection effect

The petroleum solids control system is used to separate and treat the particles such as rock nitrate and mud sand in the drilling fluid,to maintain the drilling fluid performance and to store circulating drilling fluid.Equipped with weighting mixing device,perfusion device and chemical agent filling device.Used  to improve the physical and chemical properties of drilling fluid to meet drilling requirements.

kes believe that our perfect products will recognized by customers all over the world,we believe that our products will  win the praise of customers