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The ZJ70 drilling rig produced by our company is equipped with mud solid control system and other related equipment and sent to a domestic oil and gas drilling site,this batch of delivery equipment includes 7 mud tanks, 1 post room, 4 sand pumps, 2 supply pumps, 1 shear pump, 19 agitators, 3 mixing funnels, 14 mud guns, mud dispensers and piping accessories, etc

The matching mud solid control system of ZJ70 drilling rig is produced in strict accordance with oilfield drilling standards.At present, our company can undertake ZJ20, ZJ30, ZJ40, ZJ70, ZJ90 specifications of the drilling rig mud solid control system of form a complete set of design and production, through years of efforts on research and development, the technical strength increase steadily, Kes owns 15 patents for utility model at present,its products and services to domestic and foreign each big oil and gas, shale gas drilling, trenchless directional drilling crossing, pipe jacking, shield, construction pile driving, river dredging, and other fields, the core products are exported to India, Russia, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries 

In the future, our company will continue to produce the matching mud solid control system of the corresponding handling capacity of high-standard drilling RIGS, and strive to win the high trust and recognition of customers with the high quality design, production, service and other links.Welcome domestic and foreign customers friends to visit our company for inspection and guidance, business negotiations

KES mainly solves the separation problem of oil and gas field mud-water, trenchless mud-water treatment problem, mud circulation problem, environmental protection desilting mud treatment, industrial wastewater treatment,

KES equipment mainly includes dewatering equipment, mud treatment equipment, solid control equipment, vacuum degasser, mud cleaner, desander, desilter, dryer, mixer, large industrial water tank, oil tank, mud tank, filter press, mud gun, screw conveyor, centrifuge, industrial simple room and so on

Every delivery of equipment to the customer, we are all keep strict quality testing, time date to ensure timely, positive after-sales service, actively assist the customer on-site installation, field test, resolve customer problems, all of our company with the most sincere attitude, strive to serve every customer, our company factory, cover an area of large scale, leading technology, welcome friends all over the world  to  consultation,welcome to contact email