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KES slurry solids control system for drillin rig ZJ20D was dispatched to the drilling operation site.  


  shipment is dispatched

This system is a slurry recycling system matched with ZJ20D, produced based on customers‘ requirements, The system is composed of a set of linear shale shaker KAZS113, a set of mud cleaner KAZJ112-1S8N, a set of middle speed decanter centrifuge KALW452, three pieces of mud tank, a underground tank, and the sand pump, agitator, submersible slurry pump, jet mud mixer etc, and the accessories as walkway, drifting plateform, guardrail, attached ladder, ladder. The lamp and electric pannel fulfilled the explosion-proof request, so that the drilling operation under different circumstances could be fitted.   



   KAZS113 shale shaker


KAZJ112-1S8N Mud Cleaner

KES energy could design different slurry solids control solutions as ZJ20, ZJ30, ZJ40, ZJ50, ZJ70 according to customers‘ requirements, and manufacture the slurry solids control systems with corresponding treatment capacity, which can be widely used in oil and gas drilling, geothermal drilling, CBM drilling, and modern trenchless infrasture constructions, including tunneling, micro-tunneling, pipe-jacking, bored piles construction, piling construction. The design, production, operation, services are widely recognised by our customers.