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    Address: Industry Two Road, Chaobaihe Industrial Zone, Dachang, Langfang City, China

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    Address: No 3 Fengcheng, Fengcheng Three Road, Xi’an, China

KES is the professional manufacturer of solid control equipment , we are the headquarters in China , 28 kilometers east from the capital of China , recently,China is surrounded by the new coronavirus,but we have enough confidence and ability to defeat the coronavirus. KES believes that our partners and our friends around the world will work with us to overcome the difficulties and achieve more success,we believe that,in 2020,our services will be more perfect,our products will be more durable strong and reliable.our after-sales will more meet the requirements of customers.2020 is a challenge year,2020 is a harvest year,2020 is  a successful year,for many years,we have the innumerable services to our clients and provides countless equipment , the experience will accompany us continue to be more successful, guarantee customers greater satisfaction.Trust depend on communication and mutual understanding,trust depends on the initial cooperation, trust stride forward to further promote our future

KES will be first in oil and gas drilling industry,KES will be first in coal bed methane drilling industry,KES will be first in geothermal drilling industry,KES will be first in waste treatment drilling industry,KES will be first in trenchless construction industry,KES will be first in tunneling,pipe-jacking,micro-tunneling,bored piles construction,piling construction and diaphragm wall construction industry

KES energy equipment manufacturing have the most complete equipment system,KES have the complete equipment production line , KES have the perfect equipment production process , KES have the largest and most complete product supply program in China , KES have the whole set of equipment ,shale shaker,drying shaker,mud cleaner,desander,desilter , decanter centrifuge,vertical cutting dryer,vacuum degasser,mud gas separator, flare ignition device,jet mud mixer , centrifugal pump , shear pump,screw pump,submersible pump,mud agitator, mud gun,mud tank, oil tank, water tank ,etc KES warmly welcome everyone to consult and investigate,our production capacity is sufficient,no matter how large your project,we can meet your product requirements,2020 KES welcome everyone to be our friends