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    Address: Industry Two Road, Chaobaihe Industrial Zone, Dachang, Langfang City, China

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    Address: No 3 Fengcheng, Fengcheng Three Road, Xi’an, China

KES Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd IS headquartered in China near from Peking,Kes have  a big industrial park,with a total land area of 26700 square meter,KES is a professional manufacturer for solids control equipment and mud recycling system with the integration of research,production,sales and aftersales service,We have strong technical strength, financial strength, research and development strength,Welcome customers from all over the world to visit our company

KES Energy Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd focus on oil and gas drilling solid control system, coal bed methane, shale gas development drilling solid control system, trenchless directional crossing, pipe jacking, (shield) engineering mud recovery system, separation system, building pile mud mud separation system, channel dredging mud separation system in areas such as equipment, production and research and development system

Kes provide complete mud treatment solutions,Kes provide complete oil and gas drilling equipment, gas layer drilling equipment, mud landing equipment, mud circulation equipment,We provide complete engineering excavation soil treatment equipment, waste separation equipment, waste treatment equipment, river dredging equipment, chemical material selection equipment, separation equipment,We have complete dehydration equipment, mud and water separation equipment, oil and mud separation equipment, mud circulation equipment,kes equipment includes shale shaker,vacuum degasser,mud cleaner, desander,desilter,decanter centrifuge,separator,flare ignition,jet mud mixer,centrifugal pump,screw pump,submersible slurry pump,shear pump,mud gun,mud agitator,screw conveyor

Kes products include shale shaker,drying shaker,vertical cutting dryer,mud cleaner,desander,desilter,waste decanter centrifuge,mud gas separator,mud tank,screw conveyor,mud dewatering,mud agitator,flare ignition device,mud gun,oil tank,water tank,shear pump,screw pump.shaker screen,oil water separator,slurry separator,recycling slurry equipment,kinds of centrifuges,slurry dewatering equipment,etc

We use the best products and services, good service to every customer, we guarantee the satisfaction of every customer, welcome customers from all over the world to consult and investigate,if you have any question,please contact sales@kessolidscontrol.com,Our official website is http://www.kessolidscontrol.com

You can search Google kes solids control to find us,you can search kes+any solids control equipment to find us,Looking forward to your consultation,Please remember our email address,sales@kessolidscontrol.com