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Mud control system has been successfully shipped to drilling customers in Chinese oil fields,the mud solid control system we delivered this time consists of two parts, mud and water separation unit and centrifugal separation unit.Among them, the mud-water separation unit is composed of 1 KANS50-30 mud-water separation equipment and 1 KA50yZ40-10 subliquid slurry pump.The centrifugal separation unit is composed of 1 KALW452 centrifuge, 1 KAG20-055 screw pump, 1 mud tank and other accessories.Its advantage is on the basis of the separation of mud and water with the use of centrifuge, mud particle separation more fine, more simple and convenient operation, fully meet the customer‘s strict requirements for separation indicators

KES professional production of sludge treatment equipment, various types of vibrating screen, including single vibrating screen, dual vibrating screen, sanlian vibrating screen and good quality of our products technology, trusted by customers from all over the world, we also produce a variety of sludge treatment centrifuge, we all kinds of centrifuge, including the horizontal spiral centrifuge, horizontal sedimentation centrifuge, horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge, our centrifuge is divided into medium-speed centrifuge, high-speed centrifuge, high-speed frequency conversion centrifuges, constant speed centrifuge, our centrifuge have been exported to many countries and regions

The mud solid control system produced by KES not only serves oil, natural gas, coal bed methane, shale gas drilling, trenchless industry, HDD, directional crossing, shield, pipe jacking, river dredging and other fields, but also can be used for mud and water separation, sediment treatment of mine pool, etc.

Through years of development, we already have the perfect equipment production system, we can produce including the equipment, a variety of centrifuge, vibrating screen, sludge treatment equipment, drilling mud agitator, chip centrifuge, solid, vacuum pump oil drill solids control equipment, oil slurry separator, dehydration centrifuge, mud separation device, mud cleaning equipment, vacuum degasser, spiral centrifuge, solid-liquid separation equipment, dry equipment, the mud tank, desanding equipment, desilting equipment, liquid gas separation equipment, sand pump, screw pump, slurry pump, screw big push device, cyclone device

With yeas of successful project to global customers,KES got so many customers and praise,We will definitely use better products and services to give back to the society and provide the society with more advanced and improved mud and water separation equipment, centrifuges and vibrating screens,etc

kes has invested heavily in research and development for many years. At present, kes has 15 product utility model patents, providing numerous customers with comprehensive integration and physical solutions.For more technical solutions of mud solid control system,please contact sales@kessolidscontrol.com