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The equipment sent this time includes centrifuge, vibrating screen, mud tank and so on,KES products have been exported to all over the world, become the trusted products, over the years, KES high quality products have won the satisfaction and trust of customers, we will continue to give the satisfactory service to every customer.

Kes provide complete mud treatment solutions,Kes provide complete drilling slurry control solutions,Kes provide complete oil and gas drilling mud treatment equipment, gas layer drilling mud treatment equipment, mud landing equipment, mud circulation equipment,We provide complete engineering excavation soil treatment equipment, waste separation equipment, waste treatment equipment, river dredging slurry treatment equipment, solids control equipment, slurry separation equipment,we have complete dehydration equipment, mud and water separation equipment, oil and mud separation equipment, mud circulation equipment,kes main equipment includes shale shaker,vacuum degasser,mud cleaner, mud,separator,desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge,separator,flare ignition device,jet mud mixer,centrifugal pump,screw pump, submersible slurry pump,shear pump,mud gun,mud agitator,screw conveyor,desilter cleaner,desander cleaner,poorboy degasser,anti-explosive lighting, chemical dosing tank,trip tank,Vibrating screen mesh,hazardous waste collection box,filter press,slurry transitional tank,slurry desilting tank,slurry mixing tank,hay tank,screw feeding machine,mud mixing hopper oil sludge treatment equipment slurry vacuum pump,hydrocyclones and so on.

KES is awarded with the certificate of API Q1 and ISO 9001,KES solids control has a large scale, covers an area of more than 26,700 square meters, we have a complete solid control equipment production line, we can produce a variety of solid control system products, our company is a set of product research and development, production, sales and after-sales as one of the mud solid control equipment and control system professional manufacturers

kes solids control equipment technology improvement advanced, material quality, price concessions, durable and work well, KES solids control equipment is widely used in a variety of industries and fields, including oil drilling and mining mud control industry, river dredging mud treatment industry, mining industry,plastic mineral recovery industry, food recycling industry, paper making wastewater treatment industry, food and beverage industry, chemical industry, environmental protection industry, sand wash water treatment industry, sewage treatment industry, architectural mud treatment industry,and so on.