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Recently, the 200m3/h VFD Slurry Separation Plant independently developed by KES Energy, has completed its assembling and commissioning according to customer requirements. It has been delivered to the construction site via Shanghai port to Southeast Asia.


KANS200-6Slurry Separation Plant

            VFD cabinet,Ex-proof locking switch                 Horizontal slurry pump

                    Anti-wear PU screen                    500 type anti-wear hydrocyclone

The slurry separation system is suitable for slurry purification and recycle in the pile foundation engineering, anti-leakage engineering and mud water pipe jacking construction with mud wall protection, rotary drilling rig and circulating drilling process. It can reduce construction cost and improve construction efficiency. It is an essential equipment for foundation construction. It can treat the mud at the construction site timely and  guarantee the construction site‘s environmental requirement effectively.

Rotary drilling rig construction site

KES Energy not only has mature solid control system and drilling waste management system, but also has a new breakthrough in HDD trenchless and construction piling. At present, there are 30m3, 50m3, 100m3, 150m3, 200m3 and 260m3 Slurry Separation Plant that is used for no-dig horizontal directional drilling, pipe jacking, shield construction, construction piling, river dredging, etc. The 400m3, 500m3 and 100m3 Slurry Separation Plant that are being developed have also made a breakthrough progress.

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