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The mud-water separation system is composed of shale shaker, cyclone, sand pump, electric control cabinet, slurry outlet, slurry inlet, overflow outlet, slag outlet and other components and equipment

The working principle of the mud-water separation equipment is that the external mud is pumped through sand and gravel to the mud logging tank of the vibrating screen, reaches the lower coarse screen of the mud purification device (vibrating screen), and separates the slag material with particles above 2mm and screened by the coarse screen The mud enters the mud storage tank of the mud purification device, and the horizontal slurry pump of the mud purification device sucks the mud from the storage tank. The mud with a certain pressure at the outlet of the pump flows from the hydraulic rotator along the slurry hose The slurry is injected tangentially from the slurry inlet and is sorted by a hydrocyclone. The fine silt is discharged from the grit nozzle at the lower end of the cyclone and falls into the upper fine sieve. After the fine sieve is dehydrated and screened, the drier fine slag is separated Out, the mud that has been screened by the fine screen returns to the mud tank again, and the treated clean mud enters the middle storage tank from the overflow pipe of the cyclone, and then is transported back to the hole along the main outlet pipe

A recoil branch is installed at the outlet of the slurry pump of the mud purification device to communicate with the slurry tank. By recoiling the branch, the slag deposited in the slurry storage tank can be disturbed, so that the slurry storage tank will not cause sludge overflow due to long-term use

During the mud circulation process, a liquid level buoy between the middle storage tank and the slurry storage tank keeps the liquid level in the slurry storage tank of the mud purification device constant. Once the slurry output in the slurry tank is greater than the supply, the liquid level buoy will fall as the liquid level drops. At this time, the slurry in the middle slurry tank is transferred to the slurry tank through the open slurry pipe. Therefore, it rises and returns to its original state, and the liquid level buoy also rises and seals the middle storage tank slurry pipe. If the supply slurry is greater than the output, the overflow pipe of the slurry storage tank will overflow to prevent the slurry storage tank from overflowing.

When higher quality mud is required, the total slurry input can be reduced and the mud separation process in the cyclone can be repeated to meet the target requirements

The vibrating screen in the mud-water separation system consists of two vibrating motors, a vibrating screen box, a set of coarse screen plates, a set of fine screen plates, four sets of vibration isolation springs, two sets of adjustment pads, and the vibration motor is vibrating The vibration source of the sieve is driven by the motor to directly drive the eccentric device to generate centrifugal force
The working principle of the vibrating screen is that the two vibrating motors operate synchronously and reversely to make the vibrating screen produce linear vibration. The exciting force can be changed by adjusting the angle of the eccentric block. The exciting force is adjusted to the maximum value of 100% when leaving the factory. ninety

The slurry pump system in the mud-water separation system includes a slurry pump and a drive motor. Here we introduce the lower horizontal centrifugal slurry pump. The horizontal centrifugal slurry pump adopts the auxiliary impeller shaft seal. Pay attention to adding grease in time during operation. , Lubricate the sealing packing, the slurry pump can not run idly, so as not to burn the packing

The cyclone in the mud-water separation system, the final purification effect of the mud purification device on the mud, mainly depends on the particle sorting index of the cyclone. The specific index of purification efficiency is reflected in the degree of separation of 0.060mm particles. The influencing factors of the separation effect include the specific gravity, viscosity, and sand content of the slurry, the inlet pressure and flow rate of the cyclone, and the ratio of the diameter of the overflow pipe of the cyclone to the grit nozzle,wanna to get more information,please contact sales@kessolidscontrol.com