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  • separator/flare ignition kes 2020-4-15

    Mud Gas Separator is a special equipment to handle the invaded gas of the drilling fluid...

  • decanter centrifuge-kes 2020-4-15

    Decanter centrifuge is the fourth phase solids control equipment, also called Horizontal Spiral Centrifuge...

  • desilter-kes,kes-DESILTER 2020-4-15

    Desilter is the third phase solids control equipment to handle the drilling fluids,kes desilter will server you best...

  • DESANDER-KES 2020-4-14

    DESANDER-KES,Desander is the second phase solids control equipment in drilling operation...

  • MUD CLEANER-KES 2020-4-14

    Mud Cleaner-KES,Mud Cleaner is the second phase or the third phase solids control equipment...

  • shale shaker-kes 2020-4-14

    KES Shale shaker,KES provide the shale shaker...

  • VACUUM DEGASSER-kes 2020-4-14

    kes Vacuum degasser is also matched with mud/slurry recycling clarification systems....

  • kes news 2020-3-30

    The first drill 5,500 meters in bohai sea was accelerated by 47% with the horizontal well of deep shale oil.On March 12,...

  • Solids control Products&Petroleum industry 2020-3-23

    Oil or petroleum industry equipment including Shale shaker,mud cleaner,drying shaker,desander,desilter,decanter centrifu...


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